Welcome to Witchy Kid Collective

A home-base for the cosmically curious.

Hi, my name is Ocean.

I'm the founder of Witchy Kid and I'm so excited you're here! 

Witchy Kid Collective is a monthly membership with access to exclusive astrology classes designed to refine your skillset and growth as an astrologer, both professionally and personally.

As a full-time Astrologer, Content Creator, and Cosmic Coach, I set out to cultivate a community that I wish existed when I started.  

My career began in the startup industry. I was living in New York City, raising venture-capital, and backed by the cofounder of PayPal in a program with an acceptance rate more competitive than Harvard. I was on Forbes 30 under 30 by the time I turned eighteen.

And I was miserable. 

Astrology found me at a time when I needed a realignment with purpose. I was burnt out living someone else's idea for my life, struggling under unreasonable expectations in a pressure chamber of empty accolades. In turn, astrology gave me a path forward to help other people find authentic purpose, too

Since launching my private practice, I’ve served over 1,000 clients, grown to 120,000 followers on TikTok, landed brand deals with major companies like Target, and live + work on my own terms.

I quickly realized that my startup journey prepared me for my astrology career... But it wasn’t because of the business experience, rolodex, or social media savvy. 

It was the familiarity with loneliness, late nights, and endless ‘what if’ scenarios. Feeling in over my head and unsure of my gift. 

I became intent on addressing the “What now?“ phenomena that happens when you embark out on your own. Where do you pick up when a course ends, or you leave a Zoom room?


  1. a person who sets up and runs a business on their own.

We go from studying our passion for the stars, to figuring out how to keep growing our skills, build a website, scale a client base, file an LLC, maintain our studies, refine our offerings, get better at what we do, all while maintaining the passion and curiosity we started with!

Walking the path of an astrologer commits you to being a student for life. There is no certificate or course completion that marks the end of this journey. Once I realized that, my mission shifted: I wanted to make this path as supportive as possible for fellow practitioners, and cultivate the community I wish I'd had.

Now, for less than the cost of one monthly coaching session, you can access 6+ monthly astrology classes, receive real-time feedback, engage with fellow members, and get first dibs + 20% member discounts on readings and future masterclasses.

If you're reading this because you possess the desire to hone your craft and cultivate conscious community... Welcome home! 

What's included?

  • 6+ monthly classes covering the art of giving a reading, office hours for mentoring, deep dives into transits, North + South node, and all of your favorite topics! 
  • Special events with guest speakers sharing their expertise on synastry, building a business, growing a social following, and more
  • Forums and discussion boards to connect, ask questions, offer feedback, share charts, and make new friends 
  • Virtual New Moon + Full Moon circles to set goals, hold communal accountability, and track our progress
  • 20% off all 1:1 sessions with Ocean, plus a member discount on future offerings and masterclasses
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