Witchy Kid Collective

Home-base for the cosmically inclined.

Do you love astrology and can’t get enough?

Welcome home, fellow witchy kid!

"Witchy Kid"
witch·y/ kid/
1. A person of any age, embodying the playful and intuitive power that resides within, to channel for the betterment of all.

What is it?

Witchy Kid Collective (WKC) is a membership for the cosmically curious. 

Explore 4 astrology classes per month for $44. 

About your host: 

Ocean Pleasant is a full-time astrologer and Forbes 30 Under 30-recognized entrepreneur. She works to distill the cosmos into practical tools and powerful conversations, for clients and students alike. Her practice is certified by Debra Silverman and has been recognized by Well + Good, Mantra Magazine, Forbes, a collaboration with TARGET, and with 125,000 friends on TikTok.

Witchy Collective is for you if:

  • You’re a student of astrology and hungry for more
  • You’re making money from readings and want to expand your gift
  • You love astrology and want consistent practice & community

What’s included monthly:

  • 50% off readings and mentorship with Ocean, available only to members
  • 1 - Virtual New Moon Circle with mini-readings, journaling, and group shares to plant seeds and set your intention for the month ahead.

  • 1 - Virtual Full Moon Circle with mini readings, journaling, and group shares to release and reflect on the energy of the month.

  • 1 - Beginner Level class per month to brush up on your astrology foundation (signs, planets, modes, nodes, + more)

  • 1 - Intermediate/Advanced class per month to hone & expand your skills (transits, progressions, how to give readings, asteroids, Chiron, + more)

  • 1 - Coven Catch-Up per month, an online gathering to talk shop and connect with members "outside of class." These events include the occasional guest speaker, while some meetups will be member-led with rotating topics from building your business to wellness for practitioners.

  • Optional: Virtual study group for European members to catch up on classes with fellow international members outside of your time zone.

  • Access to our class library of over +150 hours of content!

  • Tight knit, like-minded community and 24/7 community access


We are a U.S. based company, but international members are welcome and there is something for everyone on our monthly class roster.

(NEW: You can now plan for our classes a year in advance, with the shared Witchy Kid Collective Google calendar available to members.)

Beginner classes: 2nd Tuesday of the month* 5-6pm Pacific.
Advanced classes: 4th Tuesday of the month* 5-6pm Pacific.
Coven Catch-Ups: 2nd Saturday of the month: 12-1pm Pacific.

Scheduling exceptions:
-(When our Beginner/Advanced classes overlap with a New or Full Moon day, they’re pushed to Thursday at the same time.)
-New and Full Moon classes are on the day of, except those that are late at night. These are adjusted for a day earlier.
***When a Moon circle overlaps with a weekend, it will be held at 12pm Pacific, a time that works for all U.S. and European members.

Note from Ocean: 

Like many of us, the attraction to astrology is the promise of self-discovery, service, and sovereignty! Astrology has been around for thousands of years, and to practice it means to commit to being a lifelong student

When I finished astrology school, I found myself wondering… “Where to next?“ 

Witchy Kid Collective was born from my desire to support fellow astrologers, create communal accountability in our studies and practice, and have a place to continue expanding our expertise. 

I’m going to level with you for a moment. At its worst, Astrology can feel gate-kept, confusing, and financially inaccessible. Big companies, influencers, and platforms recycle the same lingo over and over because the click-through rate is stronger than ever. It can feel hard to know where to go & what to invest in.

Where do you turn to for an affordable way to actively use astrology in your life?

If you have the astrology itch and want to explore, deepen, connect around your love for this practice... join us. We can't wait to meet you!